Endorsements from talks

Prof. Hofmeister spoke about the evaluation criteria that are influenced by gender, especially in an academic context, and the specific challenges that women scientists face in every day interaction around gendered expectations and classification structures. She gave a window into current research and illustrated the theme with examples from her own scientific career and experience in academic institutions. Her American perspective allowed a particularly focused analysis about how the German institutions are influenced by tradition and culture. It was an extremely educational view of the academic system in Germany. 
Her open style and sensitive interaction with the group made a really lively discussion possible and we had a fruitful exchange over participants’ own experience in a safe environment. The kick-off event for our new series was a huge success, and I look forward to having Prof. Hofmeister return as a speaker!
– Dr. Lena Faust, Wissenschaftliche Koordinatorin, Sonderforschungsbereich 

I invited Prof. Heather Hofmeister as a keynote speaker about ‘Leading Women in a man´s business world’ for the founding of a network of women leaders in our international paint and coatings industry. Heather is an excellent speaker who rivets her audience, shares enthusiasm, and presents grounded scientific results about things that many had only felt before but did not realize were so widely experienced. With her competent contribution she made our discussions that much richer and more fruitful and added greatly to the success of our entire event. I would invite her again in a second.
– Dr. Sonja Schulte, Chefredakteurin European Coatings Journal und FARBE UND LACK, Vincentz Network

Testimonials from recent talks

„Thank you again for your great presentation! We received very good feedback from the attendees. Your presentation was voted to be the best by 25% of all people taking the questionaire.“ (out of 19 presentations and hundreds of questionnaires).
Dr. Gesa Behnken, Second chairwoman of the VILF e.V. (Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches)
„Thank you for the excellent talk. Your style was perfect for the theme: Charming, competent, compassionate, insightful, empathetic, evocative, and you had the audience in the palm of your hand. You provided insights that I had never heard brought together before. The feedback that we have received was thoroughly positive, something that is not necessarily to be expected with a theme like gender and leadership. I would appreciate staying in touch with you.”
Nadja Tschirner, Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin, Cross Consult GbR
„Many thanks once again for your talk. All the colleagues I spoke to found it fantastic! They took many ideas with them and I’ve only heard positive feedback. Even the top management listened intensively and praised the presentation. We will definitely apply the ideas here. And maybe we can deepen our work together in the coming year.“
Pamela Hecking, Head of Communications Germany, SEB
“The keynote and the new insights were really inspiring and gave all kinds of new impulses. On top of that, I have gotten an unbelievable amount of positive feedback. So many thanks for the renewed cooperation. It was also a lot of fun for me!”
Sandra Schweigert, Employer Branding Samsung Electronics GmbH
„You really enhanced our event and I am really grateful that I discovered you in the endless expanse of the internet!“
Dr. Sonja Schulte, Chefredakteurin European Coatings Journal und FARBE UND LACK, Vincentz Network
„Thank you again for your inspiring keynote!“
Prof. Dr. Birgitta Wolff, Präsidentin Goethe Universität
„Sitting in the second row of the event yesterday, I so enjoyed your lecture that completely resonated with me.”
Angela Behrend, Executive Coach
„It was a pleasure for all of us to listen to your talk and lots of people were inspired by it.”
Dipl.- Soziologin Johanna Bamberg-Reinwand, Referentin der Frauenbeauftragten, Universität Bamberg
„I think that your perspective was different than those I have heard previously in the D&I space. And they were quite provocative.“
Sarah T. Eckersley, Global Director, Research, Development & Technical Service, Coatings, Monomers & Plastic Additives, The Dow Chemical Company
„Your talk about the historical development and life course perspective about women in Germany and the effects on careers was really inspiring. Many thanks for the wonderful talk.“
Aida Welker, Managing Director, Head of Risk Management, KfW Ipex- Bank
“You are warm, welcoming, magnetic, nurturing, hospitable, thoughtful. This is a time in history, we so need people to stand up and talk like you. We need women to be themselves, claim their power, intelligence, and spread it to the world. And take responsibility, take charge of what’s important in the world. And not let morons pretend to be in charge. We need the world to have women’s leadership.“
Stéphane Juillard, Coach
„Thank you very much for your refreshing and inspiring talk on Friday! Your talk made me think about the hard work of the „Trümmerfrauen“ and their role in the ongoing years. Thanks for broadening perspectives.”
Katharina Grunwald, Dipl.-Psych. Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

„Thank you for the interesting impulse within the event to the theme diversity and inclusion and for presenting the different aspects and point of views people have on these themes.”
Lisa-Marie Schmitz, Management Consulting Analyst, Accenture
„It was a pleasure to attend the book launch last night, and hear you speak – fascinating topic.“
Nora Hutson, FCIPD, Executive Coach, HR Consultant
„Many thanks for the excellent talk today at the Rheingau Wirtschaftsforum!“
Caroline Willeke, Deputy Director General Statistics at European Central Bank
„Great to meet you last night and thank you for your insightful talk. It would be really good to connect and talk more on the meaning of work, I was really interested in the five domains you discussed.“
Hannah Moyo, Senior Consultant at The Storytellers
“Great talk today at CrossMentoring Programme and totally happy about the opportunity to get to know you!“
Anna Lisa Leddin, Manager Financial Services bei 4C GROUP AG – Management Beratung
„Great talk about being a postdoc, it was really a ‚feel good‘ moment for most of the audience, myself in any case.“
Dr. Amanda Sahrbacher, Referentin Postdocs, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie – KIT, Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

Workshop Testimonials

From the leader of a team-building event:

„The team event was well received and even exceeded the expectation of the most skeptical colleagues. The workshop helped to break up some ‘formalities’ within my team. Team members got closer to each other and especially lab personnel and lab heads are working together in a more relaxed and less formal way. We have introduced a “lunch & learn” session once a quarter, fully organized by others. I am “just a guest.” All in all I think my team and I are on a good path. I hope to meet you soon again, I had lots of fun and insights working with you. Well-done and many thanks!“
Raul Pires, Vice President head of Global R&D Isocyanates, Covestro

From the Workshop on Reducing Bias in selection committees:

“I especially appreciated the way we all worked together in the course. Prof. Hofmeister is very competent and respectful, and I would recommend the workshop to anyone because I found the format excellent.”
“I especially appreciated the communicative interaction, the many examples, and the facts offered. The workshop leader was very engaged. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone.”
“I especially appreciated the very comfortable working climate and excellent workshop leadership from Prof. Hofmeister!”
“The workshop leader Prof. Hofmeister is very congenial and she knows a lot!”
“The workshop offered an abundant set of new recommendations and ways to change going forward.”
“Good discussion culture with many exciting thoughts and ideas and new tools to use going forward.”
“Very good and clear workshop leadership – heart-felt thanks!”
 “The workshop was good – a very engaged workshop leader!”
“Going out of the workshop, I am more strongly motivated to actively engage around this theme.”
“I am always happy for useful tools!”
“Wonderful, thank you!”

From the half-day workshop on career planning:

“I especially appreciated that the workshop leader adapted to participants’ needs and fulfilled requests.”
“I liked especially the way the workshop leader interacted with us participants. One got the feeling that one was heard and taken seriously.”
“It is useful to prepare for possible conflict situations in which I and the other expect or need different things. It was perfect!”
“I especially appreciated the respectful and positive interaction and approach!”

From the half-day workshop on career planning:

“I learned that other people struggle with the same issues and I am not alone with my worries and wishes for the future. I appreciated the possibility to discuss with my colleagues but not to have to share details if not wanted. At a practical level, I will first make a list of what I want from a job and what my identities and strengths are and look for jobs that fit this, not the other way around. It was very good and useful, taking time to self-reflect, what I would otherwise not have done. I recommend it highly! The workshop ‘forces’ you to think about yourself and takes away the feeling of being alone with problems.” 
“I especially learned to visualize the life that I want to live and the values that are important to me. It becomes clearer what really matters. I want to change things if they don’t feel right and be open for opportunities. The workshop was helpful and inspiring. I learned a lot about myself!”
“The questions provided after the guided meditation helped to analyze the answers. After the workshop, I will focus on looking for alternative pathways more often. The workshop was very open, ideas were presented in a very safe and comfortable way. I recommend it because it gives you a lot of tools for further evaluation in a very short time.”
““I learned to find myself again and the reasons why I came into science. This stage does not have to define my future. I appreciated to try and think about what I want in my future. I am glad to understand what the inner me wants for our future and analyze if this can be possible. I will try to apply priorities in my life because they fit my values. The workshop is a nice way to get to know or admit stuff to yourself that perhaps you think about but don’t give so much attention to it.”
“I appreciated the openness and conversation and the small group and partner work. I’ll use the learning of being happier and doing what makes me happy as well as using my support system. I enjoyed the workshop and found it helpful and I’d recommend it to others because it can show you that you aren’t alone in your feelings.”
“I learned more about myself, I appreciated the visualization exercises. It was very useful and well-structured. I’d recommend it because it gave hints on how to approach my next job search.”
Going out of the workshop, at a practical level, I will combine my goals and priorities with my work life.”
“I’d recommend the workshop to others because reflecting on the own dreams, life, and priorities is rarely done but it’s so critically important.”
“I especially appreciated the environment of the workshop, the open-mindedness, without pressure, and with great guidance.  Heather was a great guide.”
 “The workshop had a really enjoyable, unconstrained atmosphere. I’d recommend it because we too seldom exchange about these kinds of topics. At a practical level, I learned that I am satisfied with my path so far and I want to use my free time to enjoy myself and switch off.” 
“I especially appreciated the visualization about the perfect day in 10 years. Through that, I now know how I want to live in the future and what will and won’t be part of that life. The workshop was GREAT! We were encouraged to self-reflect. We too rarely experience ourselves in this way. This experience was really helpful!”
“I especially appreciated that I could discover myself and I could see myself in the future. The workshop was really positive. I got a lot of input. I’d recommend it to people who don’t know what to do in the future.”
“I especially appreciated that we learned to identify and life with and for our values. It was a really good workshop. I’d recommend it to others!”
“I learned about myself, my priorities, and that an organized working day is important for my future. I appreciated that it wasn’t a typical workshop. There was much more focus on meaning than options. It was very good, not shallow.”
“The workshop helps everyone to self-reflect their life and path.”
“I especially learned what my perfect day would look like.”
“I’d recommend this workshop because it makes you realize what you expect of your life.”
 “I’d recommend this workshop for people who do not know yet what they want in the future.”
“I will use this learning at a practical level: I will be open for opportunities. The workshop was productive.”
“I especially learned that a change can be better than keeping on the status-quo.”
“I learned to ask more critical questions at future job interviews.”
“I learned that I like my job as it is today and that my skills and interest match pretty good to the job profile. I have to dare to change things that are not good to be happy in the future. I appreciated the open and nice atmosphere and the qualified coach.”
“I appreciated the meditation to imagine future life, past joyful moments. I will use meditation to rethink the meaning of my life. The workshop was great! It helped me to rethink my life. I’d recommend this because it makes yourself know yourself better.”
“I’ll use thinking about that perfect day and trying to get to that point. It was an enjoyable experience, thinking about the future without being overwhelmed. I’d recommend it! I think everyone got something out of the exercises.” 
“Heather, you were really thoughtful and open and I really liked the “meditations” (perfect day, peak moment). I will reconsider from time to time what is important to me and how I can integrate it in my life. The workshop gave new thoughts how to find out what I really want. I’d recommend it!”
“I especially appreciated the “perfect day” exercise, topic on meaningfulness (never thought about it before). I will use the perfect day exercise on a regular basis to reevaluate my priorities.”

Testimonials from Coaching Clients

Before the coaching I felt rushed, at the edge of being overwhelmed and not in flow. I had a lot of responsibilities and needed tools and approaches to create space for work that gives me energy rather than draining it. I have learned and most importantly experienced and practiced a set of tools that allow me to create space for what I consider meaningful in my own work, that allow me to resignify how I feel about certain tasks, made myself aware about my own priorities and which tasks/roles/responsibilities help me to foster them and which not. I feel better prepared and on a good way. I learned about myself that I can change my work approach – not only think about possible change, but realise it. I have improved at alternating being focused and relaxing and that also gives me more ease. The best part of the coaching was regular reflection of my approaches, being accountable for aims and the exercise with taking on different perspectives in negotiation. I really liked the value approach at the beginning, being mirrored in my approach/accomplishments, and the mix of talking and more affective / bodily approaches.
Professor, Germany
What brought me to coaching was the opportunity to bounce ideas/issues off someone of your experience and background. I struggle talking about myself and have limited self-awareness. I’d like to work on strengthening aspects of my professional skills, in particular productively and successfully navigating organisational politics; developing productive, positive and harmonious relations and interactions with others, attracting best people to work with me, and work out what my unique proposition as a leader and scientist could be. I feel inspired as always after talking with you, you stimulate me to think and to see things from a new perspective. I accepted the new position! I cannot thank you enough for your support!
Professor, UK
Before the coaching, focus eluded me most of the time. I had little external context and structure to lean on. I wanted a strengthened sense of connection and belonging. Feeling seen. And measureable progress. It’s been a while since the last win. Developing a good filtering system that would enable me to be generous with my attention, but mostly on the things that matter. I’ve been spreading myself thin and I’ve been lavishly spending my attention, and I’m finally ready to become more disciplined, if that’s how trustworthy writing voices come about.
After the coaching, I have to say, what a journey we’ve been on. Thank you for walking with me through. I consider myself more than lucky to have had you by my side. The gate is now in sight. I’m approaching it with joy, and enthusiasm, recognising now that once I make it to the other side, #jesuisfearless will have become a true statement in all the possible worlds.
Writer, Germany

Consulting Testimonials

Our conversation was a real energy-booster and I am very inspired by your ideas and to see that this tiny idea might grow into something bigger than I could have imagined in the beginning.
– Dr. Lena Schiller, Leader at the Goethe Business School
We want to thank you once more for the excellent moderation, the great ideas such as collecting final results at the end of the event from all the participants, and for the great support in general.
– Dr. Julia Hillenbrand and Dr. Astrid Schüßler, DLR Projektträger | Area of Education and Gender | Department of Equal Opportunities and Educational Research and Integration.  Auftraggeber: BMBF
I want to thank you once again for your comments at the board meeting. I think this is exactly the kind of input we need to get through the massive upcoming structural changes in the best way possible. I already internalized the idea that we have to get as many people on board as we can and take the needs and concerns of different groups seriously. Many thanks for your help!
– Philipp Koch, Senate und University Board of Trustees, Technical University of Munich