Why a blog, why read this?

This website has a blog because my mission is all about making connections. That means connecting ideas – seeing things that hadn’t been brought together before – and connecting people, me to you, and people to their highest potential as well. And I connect to myself here, too, as any act of creation and gift to the world is a way of getting to know oneself.


I am a sociologist.

I identify with sociology and fell in love with it at age 18 because the field comes closest to expressing the diversity of perspectives and sources of learning that I am drawn to. There is a bit of all the social sciences and quite a bit of humanities in sociology. We sociologists can relate to, contribute to, and learn from demography, political science, economics, psychology, history, literature, and more. We sociologists are not so great at letting the public know why we matter. I would like to change that. I believe these insights are powerful and can help us out of some of our human-made dilemmas. And nearly everything that we suffer from is human-made. We humans are remarkably clever and adaptable. So when we are stuck with a problem, we can find our way out. People in power have special responsibility here, and I will blog about that.

I believe sociological insights are powerful and can help us out of some of our human-made dilemmas.

One of my high school teachers ages ago called me a “Renaissance woman.” By that she meant a person interested in many things. I am interested in connecting and dissolving boundaries among and between dimensions of life. I bring my art into my teaching, my music into my writing. In sociology, I can bring my interdisciplinary interests and curiosity. In fact, why do we even have disciplinary boundaries? Do they help?  More on dissolving boundaries in thefuture blogs.

I am not only a sociologist. I am primarily a human being. And I bring in myself as a whole person to this blog, these pages, my teaching and my writing, my coaching and my speaking. I show up as fully as possible. I will use my own drawings and photographs. I will bring in my metaphors.

I am primarily a human being.

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