My Clients

seek support for a transition into a new responsibility or a new way to be in the current situation.

I especially support clients who benefit from my experience and understanding of academic careers, my research and experience in leadership, and especially women in male-dominated fields. My clients are:

  • in leadership positions
  • working within academic communities
  • doctoral and postdoctoral scholars
  • new professors
  • professors moving into leadership positions.

Coaching contract clients

How I work

My coaching is values-based and client-centered and attends to the connection among all areas of life: private life, professional situation, and aspirations. Goals of coaching are transformation and fulfilment through conscious choices and connection to core values. I support clients using visualisations, powerful questions, structures, compassionate accountability, and connection to the skills and wisdom clients already possess.  We design a unique coaching program for you over 6 to 8 sessions after an initial conversation and questionnaire. 

About CTI Co-Active Coaching

CTI Co-Active Coaching is considered the world’s best applied-practice coaching training with over 62,000 coaches worldwide.  The curriculum is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), approved by the California Bureau of Postsecondary Education (BPPE), the California Board of Behavior Sciences (BBS), and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA); it’s licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education: recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE); and awarded an European Quality Award (EQA) by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Testimonials from Coaching Clients

BEFORE the coaching I felt rushed, at the edge of being overwhelmed and not in flow. I had a lot of responsibilities and needed tools and approaches to create space for work that gives me energy rather than draining it.
AFTER: I have learned and most importantly experienced and practiced a set of tools that allow me to create space for what I consider meaningful in my own work, that allow me to resignify how I feel about certain tasks, made myself aware about my own priorities and which tasks/roles/responsibilities help me to foster them and which not. I feel better prepared and on a good way. I learned about myself that I can change my work approach – not only think about possible change, but realise it. I have improved at alternating being focused and relaxing and that also gives me more ease. The best part of the coaching was regular reflection of my approaches, being accountable for aims and the exercise with taking on different perspectives in negotiation. I really liked the value approach at the beginning, being mirrored in my approach/accomplishments, and the mix of talking and more affective / bodily approaches.
Professor, Germany
BEFORE: What brought me to coaching was the opportunity to bounce ideas/issues off someone of your experience and background. I struggle talking about myself and have limited self-awareness. I’d like to work on strengthening aspects of my professional skills, in particular productively and successfully navigating organisational politics; developing productive, positive and harmonious relations and interactions with others, attracting best people to work with me, and work out what my unique proposition as a leader and scientist could be.
AFTER: I feel inspired as always after talking with you, you stimulate me to think and to see things from a new perspective. I accepted the new position! I cannot thank you enough for your support!
Professor, UK
BEFORE the coaching, focus eluded me most of the time. I had little external context and structure to lean on. I wanted a strengthened sense of connection and belonging. Feeling seen. And measureable progress. It’s been a while since the last win. Developing a good filtering system that would enable me to be generous with my attention, but mostly on the things that matter. I’ve been spreading myself thin and I’ve been lavishly spending my attention, and I’m finally ready to become more disciplined, if that’s how trustworthy writing voices come about.

AFTER: I have to say, what a journey we’ve been on. Thank you for walking with me through. I consider myself more than lucky to have had you by my side. The gate is now in sight. I’m approaching it with joy, and enthusiasm, recognising now that once I make it to the other side, #jesuisfearless will have become a true statement in all the possible worlds.
Writer, Germany