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Every day at the same time, MIT hosts a meditation for 10 minutes.

How beautiful is that. It is open to the entire world, all who are affiliated with MIT which means you, since you know me, and I know Ellan from my days at Cornell, and Ellan got her PhD from MIT, and gave me this link. You can join us, whatever your time zone. People participate silently and invisibly, and others bear witness by letting their faces be seen. I bear witness. As someone living alone, it is a precious cherished thing to see myself among others, even if just boxes on a screen. This is a real human need, to be part of a community. We must be creative in how we create and sustain community. 10 minutes together sitting in still quiet with gentle music and nature scenes is a small commitment with a huge emotional and stress-reducing payoff.

For more on the value of meditation for improvements in attention, cognitive flexibility, balance, and well-being, see for example this 2009 article by Moore and Malinowski (among many other studies available).