#8 of 10 constructive, nurturing ideas.


I give a frame to the day.

We are ritual creatures. I want to be conscious about it.

How often / when do I want a shower, to put on clean clothes, tidy my space, meditate, exercise, eat healthy food, drink a glass of water, check in with friends and family, stop the news and media?

I set chimes to go off through the day if I need to.

I have set up a morning routine and an evening routine that give me a frame for the day. I feel more tethered this way.

Dressing “up” for the day helps me, too. I see myself in mirrors in my house and I feel more positive when the reflection is pleasant or at least not offensive. Research and advice are coming out that the best way to manage doing everything in the same space is to create temporal and spatial routines and frames.

Where is my meditation time and space? Where and when do I reach out to friends?

For more about the benefits of setting a routine for health, especially in disruptive times, Northwestern Medicine set up a site with these tips and claims.