#5 of 10 constructive, nurturing ideas:

Note the seasons and rhythms.

As the pandemic began taking over the news and then our news feeds on social media, and then our lives and behaviors, and maybe economic futures and social relations, the part of me that wants to be part of constructive solutions, rather than fear and doomsday, stepped in. I won’t lecture at you “do this.”  I will say what I am doing, in the hopes that it could inspire you.

The sun rises and sets.

The sun continues to rise and set. It just set here, and here is a picture from my living room, and it’s high noon on the East coast. Same sun, and we’re sending it over to you all on the other side of the pond. The planet is rotating and will continue to do so.

From Annie Dillard’s collection Teaching a Stone to Talk:

“The planet spins, rapt inside its intricate mists. The galaxy is a flung thing, loose in the night, and our solar system is one of many dotted campfires ringed with tossed rocks. What shall we sing?”