#4 of 10 helpful, constructive, nurturing ideas.

Appreciate Time Scales of the human immune system.

As the pandemic began taking over the news and then our news feeds on social media, and then our lives and behaviors, and maybe economic futures and social relations, the part of me that wants to be part of constructive solutions, rather than fear and doomsday, stepped in. I won’t lecture at you “do this.”  I will say what I am doing, in the hopes that it could inspire you.

I appreciate another time scale than the one we have usually been on. The speed of the human immune system, for example.

We as a society have slowed to the speed of the human immune system. For this virus, that is two weeks or so, multiplied byhowever many cycles of immune systems we need to wait out. I cultivate patience and appreciation for the wonders of our immune systems that protect us every day from a large number of things, most of which we never even know about. Yay white blood cells, yay immune systems! I am sending everyone’s immune systems good energy. Stress reduction helps your immune system. So what can we do to have less distress in our systems?