#3 of 10 helpful, constructive, nurturing ideas.


As the pandemic began taking over the news and then our news feeds on social media, and then our lives and behaviors, and maybe economic futures and social relations, the part of me that wants to be part of constructive solutions, rather than fear and doomsday, stepped in. I won’t lecture at you “do this.”  I will say what I am doing, in the hopes that it could inspire you.

I cultivate and touch plants.

I work with plants. I repotted my houseplants, trimmed off the dead leaves, planted seeds, weed the garden.

It’s proven to be healing and grounding to work with plants.

Connecting to nature, to living beings on other cycles with other sets of concerns and priorities, is enormously relaxing, as it takes us out of ourselves. I speak to my plants, tenderly, as to a pet or a baby. These plants are here for me. I brought office plants home and the spider plant in particular has made scores of babies, babies who are now in their own little vases of water, growing their own little white roots of hope, stretching longer and more trustful of their environment every day.

I don’t want to let these little ones down. I will give them sun, water, soil, and whatever I can control in their environments so that they can thrive. In doing so, I can help myself thrive. It’s something small I can control in the vast scheme of things. It’s a reminder that not all of nature is out to kill or harm us.